Flaunt Your Beard Like a Proud Peacock

Your Beard's Creamy Dream Come True. Our handcrafted vegan beard butter is the secret weapon your facial fuzz craves. LEARN MORE >

This creamy wonder, whipped up with all-natural love, is like a spa day for your beard hairs, leaving them soft, sleek, and begging to be stroked.


  • Frizz and flyaways banished to the wind! Argan, avocado, jojoba, moringa, and shea butters deeply nourish your beard, turning wiry strands into silky cascades of confidence.
  • Sculpting your beard masterpiece with ease. This butter's rich, spreadable texture makes shaping and styling a breeze, whether you're rocking a sharp goatee or a flowing beard braid.
  • Fueling growth from the roots up. It's not just about surface beauty. Our butter nourishes and strengthens your beard hair, promoting healthy growth for a thick, luscious mane that whispers, "Look at me!"

But wait, there's more! This guilt-free goodness is handcrafted with love for your beard and the planet. No harsh chemicals, just pure plant power.

Ready to unleash your beard's full potential? Grab a jar and watch the magic unfold. Your beard will thank you (and so will everyone who gets to admire its newfound glory).

Go forth and beard on!

How to Use

Start with a dry or only very slightly damp beard. Scrape the vegan beard butter from the container and place in between your palms. Warm the beard butter by rubbing your palms together until it has been spread and is a thin layer. From the top of your beard, work the beard butter down through the beard. Reshape with your hands or one of our brushes and combs. Wash out at the end of your day using our beard soap.