Dreamland Skin: Moisturizing Creams, Butters and Balms

Tired of dry, stressed skin begging for escape? Plunge into a paradise of pampering with our dreamy duo.

Whipped Body Butters: Like a luxurious spa for your skin, these velvety clouds of nourishment drench your body in deep, long-lasting hydration. Shea butter & coconut oil work their magic, repairing damage, shielding your skin from daily aggressors, and leaving you silky-smooth all day.

Dream Creams: This vegan oasis for skin, cuticles, and Afro hair is more than just moisture. It's a hug-like feeling of calm and nourishment. Avocado & cupuacu butters infuse your skin with radiance, while essential oils like rosemary or lavender uplift your mood and melt away stress. It's versatile magic: body, cuticles, Afro hair – Dream Cream conquers them all!