Flaunt Your Beard Like a Proud Peacock

Shed the Rough Feathers, Flaunt the Flawless: Proud Peacock Beard Soap. Preen and pamper with Fancy Flamingo's Proud Peacock Beard Soap or Wash! This handcrafted lather is your secret weapon for a mane that's soft, sleek, and ready to strut its stuff. LEARN MORE >

Kiss frizz and flyaways goodbye! Our blend of plant butters and oils (think shea, cocoa, and coconut) deeply nourishes and hydrates, leaving your beard silky smooth and begging to be stroked.
- Flake-free feathers, forever! This gentle cleanser banishes beardruff and itch without stripping away natural oils, for a face and beard that's fresh, clean, and irritation-free.
- Scentsational whispers (optional!), but always free from harsh chemicals and dyes. Breathe easy knowing your face (and the planet) will be happy.
But wait, there's more! Proud Peacock Beard Soap is:
- Handcrafted with love for your beard and the planet.
- Biodegradable and earth-friendly, because even majestic birds gotta care.
Available in a variety of epic scents.
Ready to unleash your inner majestic bird? Grab a bar, lather up, and watch the metamorphosis. Your beard will be the envy of the aviary (in a good way), and your face will glow with newfound confidence.
Go forth and sudsify, you magnificent creature!