Flaunt Your Beard Like a Proud Peacock

Up Your Beard Game with Proud Peacock. Is your beard more tangled tumbleweed than majestic plumage? Time to strut your stuff with Fancy Flamingo's Proud Peacock grooming line! Elevate your beard game with tools crafted for feather-perfect results. LEARN MORE >

Imagine this:

  • Glide through knots like a flamingo dancing on silk. Our handcrafted beard pick, with its luxe Tigerwood scales and mirror-polished teeth, detangles even the thickest, curliest beards with ease. It's a lifetime investment in a professional-grade tool, worthy of your daily ritual.
  • Brush away wildness and embrace controlled volume. Our boar hairbrush, nestled in solid wood, massages and styles your beard, leaving it soft and sleek. It's the perfect way to tame frizz and add a touch of feathery splendor.
  • Conquer your moustache like a master bird-stylist. Our ultra-fine stainless comb, the smallest comb we make, fits right under your nose. Warm it in hot water to spread moustache wax with ease, shaping your 'stache into a sculpted masterpiece.
  • Tame the wild with unscented, firm-hold wax. Our Moustache Wax, a blend of natural waxes and oils, keeps even the most rebellious whiskers in check. Apply a touch for a perfectly styled 'stache, ready to take on the world.

But wait, there's more! Proud Peacock tools are:**

  • Handcrafted with love for your feathers (and the planet).
  • Unique, with one-of-a-kind patterns on each comb.
  • Built to last, a lifetime investment in beard-tastic style.

Ready to spread your wings and flaunt your magnificent beard? Grab your Proud Peacock essentials and watch the transformation. Your beard will be the envy of the aviary (in a good way), and you'll radiate confidence with every strut.

Go forth and preen, you magnificent creature!