As a passionate caregiver of 17 years, Leslie witnessed burnout firsthand. Fancy Flamingo Wellness was born from her desire to empower frontline heroes through self-care.

    Life’s a kaleidoscope of responsibilities. Juggling schedules, nurturing loved ones, and chasing dreams, often neglecting self. At Fancy Flamingo Wellness, we say: stop, breathe, and let your colors fly! PHEW!

    We offer natural, eco-friendly skincare & haircare, promoting moments of Physical & Emotional Wellness (PHEW moments). Because self-care isn't selfish, it's essential!


    The flamingos we know and love, get their vibrant colors from their diet, which they share with their chicks. Their feathers fade during parenthood as a sacrifice.

    Caregivers, like these feathered parents, too often find their own vibrancy waning. Their energy, optimism, the very colors of their joy, poured out. Just as the flamingo must seek the nutrients its body craves, to restore their radiance, caregivers must tend their own PHysical, Emotional, Wellness through "me-time"

    These moments refuel the caregiver’s soul, allowing them to shine because of the giving, not despite it.


    Our handcrafted, smallbatch collection of natural, eco-friendly skin and hair care products are like a vibrant feast for your senses. We've banished harsh chemicals and embraced the power of nature's bounty, offering everything from invigorating scrubs to calming aromatherapy blends. Indulge in an earth conscious pampering session, knowing you're nourishing your body and the planet simultaneously.

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