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Arctic Mineral Mud Mask (Mother's day 50% off automatically applied at checkout)

Arctic Mineral Mud Mask (Mother's day 50% off automatically applied at checkout)

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Dive into Pure Bliss: Unmask Your Radiant Skin with Nature's Best

Kiss imperfections goodbye and unveil your inner glow with our luxurious Pure Mud Mask Powder! This planet-powered treasure is hand-harvested and sustainably processed using green hydropower – a testament to our commitment to clean beauty and environmental harmony.

Forget harsh clays and stinging sensations! Our gentle mud, naturally free of fillers like bentonite or kaolin, pampers even the most sensitive skin. Experience the unique toning and detoxifying powers of this mud mask, crafted from the very waters that nurture it.

Simple Spa-Worthy Ritual:

    1. Mix & Match: Create your perfect mask. Use 2 spoons of powder with 1 spoon of water, milk, or even your favorite lotion or gel.
    1. Brush or Finger Fun: Apply generously with a brush or your fingertips. Let the pampering begin!
    1. Serene Siesta: Relax and let the magic work for 20 minutes. Breathe deeply and savor the bliss.
    1. Reveal Your Glow: Rinse thoroughly and witness the transformation! Your skin will be soft, luminous, and undeniably radiant.

Average Particle Size of 35 Microns

Net Wt. 4 oz / 113 g


Ingredients: Quartz, Microcline, Albite, Calcite, Dolomite, Hornblende, Muscovite, Biotite, Chlorite, Montmorrillonite, Smectite, *Trace Elements (*60 major and trace elements are normal levels found in soil)


Mix 1:1 Powder to Water, Milk, Lotion, Honey, Yogurt, or Aloe Vera, etc. Apply with a brush or with fingers and wait 15 minutes to dry. Rinse thoroughly, making sure any eye contact is avoided at all times. Flush well if this happens. 


1/4 oz for Facial Application

4oz for Full Body Application

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